Donate pizza to a homeless person | GamberoRosso, Prague 1
Donate pizza to a homeless person

1+1 for free

Donate pizza to a homeless person

Sunday 31.01.2021.

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Sunday 31.01.2021.

Find us a minute from metro station
Republic Square near Ungelt.

Donate pizza to a homeless person

During the evening and especially Christmas walks through the now empty streets of Prague, one notices, even more, those who, unlike all of us (affected by the pandemic and solving problems related to it), deal with problems of a completely different nature – existential problems. These people have nowhere to go and curfews are least of their problems. They are people without a home who sleep under the sky because the capacity of shelters is unfortunately insufficient.  

We have been seeing these people on the streets for a long time, but in the light of recent events and the government measures associated with them, one realizes even more how helpless these people are when it comes to cold and diseases. We can find them in almost every neighbourhood, under almost every bridge in our capital. And unfortunately from what it seems, we will probably see them even more after this difficult year...


We believe that a lot of you are trying to help these people as much as we are. We know that many other restaurants also try to help regularly, either directly or through public collections, but as you know, a large part of them are unfortunately closed now. Today, we delivered pizzas and ordered warm winter clothes as well as sleeping bags, which will hopefully make cold nights easier for the homeless. But that's simply not enough, so we thought of something else...


Although we cannot take on the role of organizations responsible for similar activities, due to the constellation of several factors: the ever-present COVID-19 plus the risks and limitations associated with it, decreasing outdoor temperatures and the approaching New Year's Eve, we would like to suggest you to help with us using our special offer 1 + 1 pizza and/or free pasta at Wolt Specials, which many of you already know.

This will be done as follows:

as part of the “1 + 1 for free” special offer, you simply order a pizza or a pasta from us via Wolt, you keep one for yourself, but the other one you donate to a homeless person. If you do not know about anyone in your area or you cannot get to him/her for whatever the reason - please write to us in the note of your order so that we can hand over the second portion ourselves and we will be happy to do it for you.


In addition to participating in our event, each of you can try to help in other ways:

- You can find warm winter clothes that you do not need at home and give them to the homeless. Many of us do not need nor use a large part of our wardrobes, but a person on the street will highly appreciate even the smallest thing.

- For those who have the opportunity to help more - buy winter things online, even the cheapest ones are enough, also currently there is a large number of goods on sale. Sleeping bags, isothermal foils, hats, socks, gloves, etc. Although the shops are closed now, they accept orders online and you can have everything at home within 2-3 days.

- And finally, you don't have to order anything from us at all, because we suspect that you definitely have a lot of food in the fridge after the holidays, and all you have to do is hand over some of the remaining goodies yourself.

We will be beyond happy to in this way remind you that it is especially during Christmas and the New Year that it is nice to give. A thank you and a smile from a stranger will always warm our heart, let alone the thought that you really helped someone. One surprised gentleman, for example, replied to us yesterday: “Pizza? For me? All of it?? Thank you so much!".

We would like to point out that this is not a flashmob or promotion of our restaurant. It is up to each of you whether you want to participate, all we wanted is to remind people about the living conditions of these often neglected people and to also emphasize that together we can help them overall more, faster and more effectively, even if only once or only slightly.


We have to admit though that on some days we are already working close to the limit of our already limited capacities and stocks at this time, and therefore it is possible that some items for the 1 + 1 special offer will not always be available - in that case, you can choose a pasta instead. And if there is no pasta available - then it means that others are helping and you can try it later!


We thank everyone who is not indifferent to other people's problems even in this difficult time, and we will be beyond happy if you help them either with us or on your own. Thank you for your help and sharing. ✨



we are looking forward to your visit!