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Healthy start of the day

For each breakfast free cup of delicious Italian coffee Bazzara

  • UOVA IN CAMICIA CON PROSCIUTTO - Poached eggs with ham

    75 CZK
  • UOVA STRAPAZZATE CON CIPOLLA - Scrambled eggs with onion

    55 CZK
  • TOAST CON CAPRESE - Baked Caprese toast

    95 CZK
  • TOAST CON SALMONE E OLIVE SICILIANE - Baked toast with salmon, rukola and Sicilian olives

    115 CZK
  • PANINO CON TONNO, CARCIOFI E OLIVE SICILIANE - Sandwich with tuna, artichokes and Sicilian olives

    75 CZK
  • CORNFLAKES CON YOGURT E FRUTTA FRESCA - Cornflakes with yogurt and fresh fruits

    95 CZK
  • FRITTELLE FITNESS - Homemade ricotta pancakes with fruit and honey

    155 CZK
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Lunch menu

Friday 22.09.

Enjoy lunch menu on weekdays from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • FIT! Brodo di pollo /strong chicken broth with meat, vegetables and home-made noodles/

    45 CZK
  • Fusilli prosciutto e piseli /fusilli with roasted Prague ham, peas, cream, curry and parmesan/

    110 CZK
  • Ball tip alla griglia /grilled beef steak steak (US beef) stewed young cabbage with roasted pancetta, French fries, demi-glacé with chilli and mango/

    185 CZK
  • Pizza Diavola /tomato sauce, mozzarella, pancetta, ham from bones, hot peppers/

    140 CZK
  • Unfiltered homemade beer, light 12' / Beznoska 0,3l

    30 CZK
  • Gelato con panna montana e frutta fresca /Angelato ice cream with homemade whipped cream and fresh fruit/ - get an Italian coffee Bazzara by your choice for FREE to every dessert!

    75 CZK
  • * to lunch we offer homemade fruit lemonades and ice teas at a discounted price

    25 CZK
  • Fresh homemade bread baked in Valoriani oven, 200g

    20 CZK
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