Winter Olympics at GamberoRosso | GamberoRosso, Prague 1
Winter Olympics at GamberoRosso

PyeongChang 2018

Winter Olympics at GamberoRosso

Saturday 24.02.2018.

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Saturday 24.02.2018.

As a big fans of healthy lifestyle we can not miss this big sport event that takes place in PeyongChang, South Korea!

Therefore we serve not only good food, cocktails, wine, traditional Czech beer, but also the Olympic program on our Full HD TV's - so do not be afraid to ask the staff to change the program if your national team or someone you like is right to come to his race live or from the record!

Find us a minute from metro station
Republic Square near Ungelt.

Winter Olympics at GamberoRosso

During Winter Olympics we have prepared a special offer - unusual pizza with boar sirloin, Italian pancetta, mozzarella, rosemary, garlic and pepper together with specially brewed beer from the Beznoska microbrewery, proudly named "Liquidator" (means "Terminator") a light 16-degree lager of Czech raw materials with an alcohol content of 5.9%.

Order 32 cm pizza with boar meat + Beznoska beer 0,3l ,,Terminator"16' for 260 CZK!

Do you want to bring it all at home? No problem - order delivery HERE!

Watch Winter Olympics in Full HD on big TV screens with a glass of good Czech beer and genuine Italian pizza!


we are looking forward to your visit!